Ancestral gallery of the Research Team of Prof. Müller




Visiting Scientists from 2008 onwards:





Dr. Joshi, Medha

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology (Autonomus), N.P. Marg, Matunga, Mumbai, India

(October 2007 – September 2008)

Dr. Yuan, Hai Long

Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, Beijing, China

(October 2007 – September 2008)



Nurzatul, Efah

Institute of Biosciences, University Putra Malaysia (UPM)

(May – June 2008)

Dr. Ofori-Kwakye, Kwabena

Department of Pharmaceutics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

(June – August 2008)



Dr. Obeidat, Wasfy

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Irbid, Jordan

(June – August 2008)

Dr. Mishra, Prabhat R.

Pharmaceutics Division, Central Drug Research Institute, Chattar Manzil Palace, Lucknow (U.P), India

(July – September 2008)



Shegokar, Ranjita

C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy, S.N.D.T. Woman’s University, Mumbai, India

(September 2008 – February 2009)

Dr. Averina, Elena

Baikal Institute of Nature Management of SB RAS, Ulan-Ude, Russia

(February – April 2009)







Dr. Heni Rachmawati

Pornthida Riangjanapatee

Pharmacy Department, University of Bandung, Indonesia

Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

(Juni – July 2009)

(June September 2009)




Kovacevic, Andjelka

Kasongo Wa Kasongo

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

(May – November 2009)

(May – November 2009)



Dr. Sahoo, Nanda

Kakran, Mitali

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Division of Manufacturing Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Division of Manufacturing Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

(December 2009)

(June – September 2010)



Kovacevic, Andjelka

Khalil Mitri

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Department of Cosmetic Science & Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Siena, Italy

(July – August 2010)

(July 2010 – October 2010)



Doktorovova, Slavomira

Kovacevic, Andjelka

Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Universidade de Trás-os-montes e Alto Douro
Vila Real, Portugal

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

(September 2010 – January 2011)

(July – August 2011)



Valentina Martena

Pornthida Riangjanapatee

School of Pharmacy, University of Camerino, Italy

Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

(June - November 2011)

(June September 2011)





Frank Odei-Addo

Dr. Moumita Mishra

Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology Nelson Mandela, Metropolitan University, South Afrika

State Pharmacopoeial Laboratory & Pharmacy for Indian Medicine, Govt of West Bengal India

(October 2011 – August 2012)

(June 2010 – Sptember 2013)

Prof. Dr. Abdul Maa Bared

Profa. Dra. Nadia Bou-Chacra

Guest Professor from the Arab International University (AIU)

Universidade de São Paulo (University of Sao Paulo)

Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

São Paulo - SP, Brasil

Pharmacy Department, Damascus - Syria

(15 June - 15 August 2014)

Dr. Aiman Hommoss

Dr. Kay Schwabe

Visiting Scientist from Reviderm, Munich, Germany

Visiting Scientist from Reviderm, Munich, Germany

(August 2013-September 14th 2014)

(January 2014-December 2014)

Dr. Aiman Hommoss

Visiting scientist from the Arab International University (AIU)

(September 15th 2014 - 2015)



Examples of Previous Visiting Scientists (until 2007):


Description: Ms. Cengiz

Description: Ms. Üner

Cengiz, Ebru - 2002 (2nd from left, foto taken at one of our regular barbecue-parties in the summer)

Dr. Üner, Melike - visiting scientist from the Dept. of Pharm. Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University who spent 6 month in our group (March - August 2003)



Prof. Dr. Nadia Radwan from the King Saud University of Riyadh/Saudi Arabia together with her husband Ahmed during her research stay in Berlin in July and August 2003

Dr. Lai, Francesco - visiting us in 2003 from June to December for his scientific work





Previous Post Doctoral Research Fellows



Dr. Shegokar, Ranjita

Dr. Chen, Run

C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy, S.N.D.T. Woman’s University, Mumbai, India

1st of September 2013 - 31st of July 2014

1st of February 2010 – 31st of October 2012




Dr. Zhai, Xuezhen

1st of March 2014 - 31st of August 2014


Previous member of secretarial/organisational team:



Frölich, Ingrid






 Previous Senior Lecturers of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology:




Dr. Mehnert, Wolfgang

Publication list




Dr. Schwabe, Lothar




Previous Staff - Ancestral Portrait Gallery:


1. Doctoral of Science Candidates (D.Sc., "Habilitanden")


Description: Dr. Kayser

Dr. Kayser, Oliver (2003)


Description: Dr. Gohla

Dr. Gohla, Sven (2007)


Description: Dr. Rudolph

Dr. Rudolph, Carsten (2009)


2. PhD students


until 2005

Description: Dr. Schneppe

Description: Dr. Rudolph

Dr. Schneppe, Thomas (1998)

Dr. Rudolph, Carsten (2001)



Description: Dr. Wissing

Description: Ms. Akkar

Dr. Wissing, Sylvia (2002)

Akkar, Aslihan (2004)



Description: Ms. Buttle

Description: Ms. Saupe

Buttle, Ilona (2004)

Saupe, Anne (2004)



Description: Mr. Möschwitzer

Möschwitzer, Jan (2005)

Leyke, Silja
(in cooperation with Prof. W. Presber, Charité Berlin)



Description: Mr. Goeppert

Description: Mr. Hitschfeld

Göppert, Torsten (2005)

Hitschfeld, Robert (Schering AG, Berlin) (2005)



Description: Ms. Rank

Rank, Franziska (Schering AG, Berlin) (2005)

Souto, Eliana B. (2005)




Description: Mr. Bushrab

Description: Ms. Hernandez

Bushrab, Faris Nadiem (2006)

Hernandez, Norma (2006)

Description: Mr. Petri

Description: Mr. Zietze

Petri, Boris (2006)

Zietze, Stefan (ProBioGen, Berlin) (2006)



Description: Mr. Großmann

Krickau, Dennis (Schering AG, Berlin) (2006)

Großmann, Stephan (Charité Hospital, Berlin) (2006)



Description: Ms. Mocha

Description: Mrs. Walzer

Mocha, Denise (Schering AG, Berlin) (2006)

Walzer, Anja (Schering AG, Berlin) (2006)



Hackl, Siegfried (Boehringer Ingelheim) (2006)



2007 - 2009

Petra Dames (Apothekerin, Doktorandin) (2007)

Mauludin, Rachmat (2008)


Christof Maucksch (Apotheker, Doktorand) (2008)

Markus Elfinger (Apotheker, Doktorand) (2008)

Dr. Hommoss, Aiman (2008)

Dr. Pardeike, Jana (2008)

Description: Ms. Bruns

Bruns, Christiane (2008)

Nikolic, Sasha (2009)

Muchow, Marc (2009)


2010 - 2011




Üzgün, Senta (2010)

Himmel, Anne (2011)

(in cooperation with C. Rudolph, Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich)

(in cooperation with C. Rudolph, Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich)





Al Shaal, Loaye (2011)

Stoll, Christiane (2011)


(co-supervision to PD. Dr. vet med. G. Schulze-Tanzil)

2012 - 2013




Junghanns, Jens-Uwe (2012)

Xiong, Yu (2012)


(in cooperation with Prof. Bäumler, Charité Berlin)



Jansch, Mirko (2012)

Hanisch, Jörg (2012)



Salazar, Jaime (2013)

Zhang, Yujuan (2013)

Sinha, Biswadip (2013)

Patchateeya, Nuttakorn Baisaeng (2013)

Deigner, Tobias (2013)



Zhai, Xuezhen (2014)

Lestari, Maria (2014)

Sinambela, Pricillia (2014)

Sydow, Karl (2014)


Liu, Tao (2014)


Nguyen, My-Hanh (2015)

Staufenbiel, Sven (2015)

Hu, Xiaoying (2015)



Ruick, Robert (2016)

Romero, Grégori Bahú (2016)



Fischer, Sebastian (2016)





Pyo, Sung Min (2017)

Wei, Qionghua (2017)

Jin, Nan (2017)

Lemke, Stefan (2017)





Ding, Yuan (2018)

Hommoss, Ghaith (2018)






Hespeler, David










3. Diploma/Master Students


Barakat, Abdulwahab (2012)

Alkamal, Fadi (2012)





Fratus, Maia (2012)

Pyo, Sung Min (2013)





Anna-maria Efkarpidou photo-page-001


Efkarpidou, Anna-Maria (2019)

El Nomeiri, Sanaa (2019)


4. Trainees



Description: Mr. Baspinar

Baspinar, Yücel

Hanisch, Jörg